Bali Travel Cash Guide

Get lost in the chaos of vibrant cities, or relax on the shores of a tropical paradise. This rich and diverse island caters to all- young, old, family or solo. If you’re travelling to this enchanting island but have little idea on how much travel cash you’ll need, fret not, First Eastern FX has you covered- with travel tips and great rates.

Before you roam the infamous lavish rice fields, or delve into the spiritual depths of a hillside temple you’ll need a supply of cold hard cash. As a cash dependent country, it is vital you have cash on you at all times or you’ll risk missing out or finding yourself stranded.

Why cash is king in Bali?

  • No fees. No hidden transaction fees (ATMs, EFTPOS payments etc.) when you already have cash in your pocket.
  • Peace of mind. Some ATMs do not accept foreign credit, debit or travel cards, meaning you won’t get caught without access your funds. Furthermore, most ATMs in Bali only allow a total maximum of 6,000,000 rupiah withdrawal per day.
  • Accessible. Markets, major stations, street vendors and some small businesses are not equipped to accept card payments or don’t have the option at all. Cash is in most cases the only acceptable way of payment.
  • Useful. For small payments and tipping. Cash is always handy when you want to buy a coconut or a sate on the beach or tip the staff at restaurants or spas.
  • Efficient. No time wasted searching for ATMs or loading new foreign currencies onto your card, it’s right in your pocket.
  • Bargaining power. Ability to negotiate prices when paying with cash.
  • Certainty. Purchasing cash means you have fixed exchange rates and don’t experience fluctuations in the market.
  • Confidentiality. There is no risk of identity theft or fraud.

Now that you know exactly why you’ll need cash when you’re traipsing the beautiful country of Bali, let’s get into the specific costs of your stay.

AVERAGE DAILY COST Rp 319,401 Rp 892,611 Rp 2,741,786
WEEKLY (Per Person) Rp 2,235,808 Rp 6,248,275 Rp 19,192,501
MONTHLY (Per Person) Rp 9,582,034 Rp 26,778,319 Rp 82,253,575
WEEKLY (Couple) Rp 4,471,616 Rp 12,496,549 Rp 38,385,001
MONTHLY (Couple) Rp 19,164,069 Rp 53,556,639 Rp 164,507,149
(Hotels/hostels per person)
Rp 175,735 Rp 522,617 Rp 1,769,551
(Double Occupancy Room)
Rp 351,469 Rp 1,045,234 Rp 3,539,102
FOOD (Meals for one day) Rp 102,400 Rp 258,405 Rp 648,964
WATER Rp 7,362 Rp 7,362 Rp 7,362
(taxis, local buses etc.)
Rp 30,102 Rp 85,063 Rp 266,177

Now that you have a brief spending guideline, you can concentrate on which delicious dish you plan to devour upon arrival, or which beach water you’ll be diving into. But don’t forget, cash is key in Bali, so exchange that IDR with First Eastern FX – simply order online and we will deliver to your door for free, or you can pick it up in our nationwide branches before you board!

*This data is derived from the travel budgets of real travellers. The average daily costs are determined from the travel budgets submitted by travellers on forums, relevant accommodation booking websites and historical monument booking sites. Only those costs that fall within a reasonable range of the median are included, eliminating outliers.