How Much Cash to Exchange for Mexico

Mexico, the land of chilli-spiced cuisine, steamy jungles, captivating cities, bewitching beaches, and infectious vibrance. You’ll get lost in a world of flavour and culture on your Mexican vacay, that’s for sure. But just how much money do you need to bring to enjoy yourself completely in this vivacious country? Glad you asked- read below to get a good idea of your Mexican vacation budget.

If you plan to relax completely on those dreamy palm-fringed beaches, don’t forget to exchange USD before you jet. Mexico uses the Mexican Nuevo peso (MXN) but US dollars (USD) are widely accepted. As a cash dependant country, a lot of experiences require cold hard cash to be enjoyed. Who better to exchange with, than the secure and convenient First Eastern FX? Our bank-beating rates will leave you extra cash for those tantalising tacos you’ve been dreaming about, and a whole lot of peace of mind.

Why Cash in Mexico?

Before we dive into the cash specifics, we want to give you a rundown on just why cash is essential in Mexico:

  • Cash payments are a cultural preference and widely used, accounting for 90% of consumer transactions in Mexico. Even major brands online (including Amazon, Apple and Google) offer cash-payment options to customers in Mexico!
  • Non-Mexican cards may not be accepted everywhere, so do yourself a favour and avoid a sticky situation by exchanging cash before you fly.
  • Cash is essential for a large range of experiences; tipping, taxi fares in smaller towns and villages, on road trips paying for gas, local convenience stores, open-air markets, independant street cabs, souvenir stalls, street food, small shops and stalls in rural towns, local transport, archeology sites and museums.
  • Bank-card skimmers are highly prevalent, and thus cash is typically the safer option. ATMs are renowned for running out of cash (especially on Mexican payday), as well as being a hot spot for theft. So we suggest exchanging cash before you board to avoid these potential mishaps.

Now that you know why cash is king in Mexico, we can get into how much your taco-filled holiday is going to cost. Note that USD is accepted in Mexico and widely used, so don’t hesitate to exchange into USD for the best exchange rates at First Eastern FX.

AVERAGE DAILY COST M$18.09 M$50.05 M$151.14
WEEKLY (Per Person) M$126.61 M$350.34 M$1,057.93
MONTHLY (Per Person) M$542.64 M$1,501.52 M$4,533.99
WEEKLY (Couple) M$253.22 M$700.74 M$2,115.85
MONTHLY (Couple) M$1,085.33 M$3,003.08 M$9,067.98
(Hotels/hostels per person)
M$9.20 M$25.42 M$76.46
(Double Occupancy Room)
M$18.41 M$50.78 M$152.97
FOOD (Meals for one day) M$4.50 M$11.24 M$27.87
WATER M$0.47 M$0.47 M$0.47
(taxis, local buses etc.)
M$2.46 M$7.27 M$24.63
(Travel between cities)
M$7.37 M$19.30 M$52.56
CHICHEN ITZA ENTRANCE: M$12.13 M$12.13 M$12.13
MAYAN RUINS TULUM ENTRANCE M$1.83- M$2.09 M$1.83- M$2.09 M$1.83- M$2.09

So there you have it, your rough Mexican budget outline. So get that travel cash in your pocket by exchanging with First Eastern FX. With our bank-beating rates and free delivery offers, you’ll have more savings and get ready for a trip of a lifetime!

*This data is derived from the travel budgets of real travellers. The average daily costs are determined from the travel budgets submitted by travellers on forums, relevant accommodation booking websites and historical monument booking sites. Only those costs that fall within a reasonable range of the median are included, eliminating outliers.