COVID-19 update

During this time, we want to continue to help our customers send money to family and friends overseas.

All our branches are still open for business with social distancing and hygiene practices in place to ensure your visit to our branches is safe and stress-free.

We understand that you may want to send money while you are at home so we have made this easy for you and have a team to help support you to do this.

We hope you and your family remain healthy and safe during this time.

The below FAQs are questions we’re being asked.

Are the branches still open?
Yes – all branches are open. Please go to the Find & Contact Us page for the address, trading hours and contact number.
Are the branches accepting cash?
Yes – we are accepting cash, with our normal cash limits and also accept EFTPOS. You’re also able to pay by internet transfer, BPAY or POLi – contact us for more information.
Is the money transfer service online the same as in-branch?
Yes – exactly the same. If you visit a Hai Ha Money Transfer, Remox or First Eastern FX branch then service is the same as what is being offered online.
Is there any delay to the money transfer services?
No, we are operating as normal as we have both in-branch and online services.
Is there any delay to receive money in the country I send to?
At the moment, there are possible delays to:
  • Any pick-up services – depending on the restrictions in the receiving country
  • Nepal – delays in processing until 31 March 2020
Are you buying and selling foreign currency at this time?
Yes – we are selling all currencies. We are also buying select currencies with certain limits – contact us for more information.
Is there anything else I should be aware of about COVID-19 and money transfers?
Yes - there will be many scammers who will try to take advantage of the fear of vulnerable people. Don't be a victim. Be alert to fraudulent emails, SMS messages, calls and social media saying they have information about the virus that may trick you to purchase fake cures, vaccines, medical supplies.

Contact our team for any support, or to register online or send money online or by phone or email. Phone: 02 9728 7928 Live chat