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Only $3 to send up to $3,000 AUD*.
T&Cs apply.

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*The fee to send money online to Vietnam is only $3 to send up to $3,000 AUD. The beneficiary must receive Vietnamese Dong (VND) and you can choose between home delivery, bank deposit or pick up.
This online promotion ends 30th June 2020.
Please feel free to contact our team for more information or any help to register online – chat, email, or call on 02 9728 7928.

Payout methods

We provide various payment methods for you and the beneficiary's convenience:


Our delivery service covers all major cities in Vietnam, delivery time frame is between a few hours and one business day depends on the beneficiary's location.

Cash Pickup

Beneficiary can choose to pick up the funds at our office in Ho Chi Minh city.

Bank Credit

All bank accounts in Vietnam can be credited within the same business day. Please provide us with the correct bank account details including bank name, account holder name and account number to avoid delay.

Note: Some banks may charge a small fee when the beneficiary receives/withdraws their funds.

Bank credit is available in VND and also AUD & USD – the beneficiary's bank account is required to be eligible to receive AUD & USD. Different fees and exchange rates apply.